Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mysteries and questions

I'm doing this research into ancient cultures for my latest series, Disillusionment that starts with my soon to come novel Daughter of Gods. I'm hanging onto the book just in case I stumble across something I want to add to its plot line with the reading of a few books I've finally been able to get my hands on - and possibly a couple others if I can find them and time to read them soon enough.

But I want to throw a few things I've found in my research out there. Global Climate change isn't laughed at anymore. I've also researched enough to know it happens even without the human element (we're just adding speed to it). I also know many of the oldest myths - no one knows where they came from or what influenced their creators to make them - speak of great disasters all over the world in human populations who never knew the others existed yet their stories echo some very similar ideas. It was the ancient Sumers who recorded the first "Noah" story of great floods. There are so many others from so many different areas that have pretty much the same idea. Why? Where did the tales come from?

In all of our historical record, from the rise of the modern human, we've not been threatened with extinction or anything close. (That we know of.) So why do we have so many stories about it?

Then, would someone please tell me why the great Pharos builders of the Giza Pyramids thought it necessary to create the pyramids to such precision in angels that can't be done without extreme effort even to this day? This fact is totally outside the fact that moving the stones used in making the pyramids was a feat in and of itself - then to do such precision in angles and in such a line up to match Orion's belt in the stars. Why?

Then, would someone please tell me why the Mayans had such a magnificent calendar that far surpassed any and rival the one we use today, yet theirs went far far into the future from what they ever needed? And myths about wand waving Dwarves building the temple of the Magician in one day. Why?

Why would farmers take time out of the fields to drag monolithic stones miles to set them in a circle lined with the rise of the sun at certain times as is the most common accepted explanation of Stone Henge? I've been around farmers all my life. Even with today's technology on a small farm, it takes from dusk till dawn to care for the fields. It would have taken more men and man hours to do without tractors and all the other equipment available today. Why would they have stopped to drag dangerously huge stones? Just so they would know exactly what time of year it is? As a story writer, that's far out of character for any farmer to me.

Why would these people, the builders of the pyramids and Stone Henge and many other things around the world, need such precision?

My theory - it comes back to climate change if you ask me. I had the "epiphany" last night.

If you stop regurgitating what we've been taught by experts all our lives and think with a completely open mind - envision humanity is much older than previously thought (which they are discovering clues that support this) and think that maybe, maybe mankind was around in the last upheaval (the big ice age) and survived through the turmoil the earth went through, well, that could very well explain the myths of terrifying destruction all of the cultures have despite the cultures not having contact - wouldn't it? And if humanity had survived through such destruction, what if they had been advanced, as much or more so than we are today? Maybe they would have wanted to track what made the earth fall apart so they would have warning next time, or possibly to warn their descendants. And the changes that happened on Earth were closely related to its natural changes which could be tacked by time - so using the zodiacs, the sun, all of that to precision makes more sense then, wouldn't it?

Even today, with the setting of our clocks and such, as long as we are close to the businesses, schools, doctor offices, ect. we don't really concern ourselves too much with precision, do we? So why would the ancients have done so?

I'm not one of those people who think we rule the world. We are along for the great ride on this planet. Whatever Mother Earth throws at us, we're stuck with. It's our job to cope or....well...not to cope.

Some of the old "time keepers" such as Stone Henge confuse people to their importance because they seem misaligned. But in my research, they would not have been misaligned far back in history. We just have to step further back in time than we thought possible before.

The change in Earth's precession of the equinoxes is coming soon. I've not researched that enough for the details to stick in my head yet. But maybe, just maybe the Mayan calendar ends because the known line-up of things from the Earth would end. And so maybe life as we know it changes. The climate is a touchy thing. One volcano blowing its top drops the temperatures around the world. A slight little change in tilt or orbit or lining up will do...what? And are we being stupid and blind in not looking at the great stone time tables of the ancients just because we believe they couldn't be as advanced as we are?

It's now proven that we did not evolve from Neanderthal, we actually shared the Earth with them for a while.

We've lived in a great quiet in the Earth's history for the thousands of years we know about.

Sumerian civilization just "appeared" with a fully civilized way of life that included schools, law (divorce even) and a working system for business. They also had a higher belief system. Just like that - Poof there they were. Uh-huh.

The Kings List that was once thought total fiction now has a few names that are known as true and once living beings. - Why would the other names with them be fiction? Just because we can't yet explain it?

There is study into collective consciousness. A whisper shared in all minds. In my business, shortly after I wrote my trilogy, poof there they were, books in all shapes, sizes, genres with similar topics and people wanting to read them. Even authors who never thought to write a fantasy or a book on ancients or on the understanding of life are being driven to do so.

Believe or not believe - but do so with an open mind and make your own conclusions, not from what "experts" have taught you. Even experts don't know everything.

And even if you don't believe, reading the fiction fantasy inspired by it all can be loads of entertaining fun :)

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