Thursday, August 31, 2006

Global Warming

Inside a fantasy writer's head anything can become something. Things grow like flowers in spring from an idea or happening as tiny as a seed. And then there's a whole new world.

My worlds always stay tied tightly to the world I know. I've researched cultures from around the globe - our "real" world and imagine what things would be like if different cultures would have risen to the top. What if: the climates were different. What if things of legends really did exist. All of this and so much more goes through my mind.

I began Among the Ancients a little while ago, but the characters got lazy. They need reworked. While I was thinking on them and what would cure their blight, other characters in a whole new story came storming to my mind. What sparked it - the argument of global warming.

Global warming has been mentioned for years now as a purely human caused thing. Not true. We may be making it faster, I'm not a scientist so I can't say for sure. I'm a master of fiction. But I do know from my studies that the Earth we live on hasn't always been as it is. Why would it stop changing now just because we humans inhabit it so strongly now? We aren't gods are we? Mother Nature has a plan all her own and things are going to change despite the fact we would like them to stay the same.

So. That's what the new story is all about. The changing world -- and how civilization as we know it will be transformed. At least how it may transform. Could we survive if disasters like hurricane Katrina grow more intense and frequent? What about if the continental plates shift again? And a new ice age? How strong are we as a species really?

A friend of mine believes we've grown lazy - too dependent on vehicles, grocery stores, computers and other conveniences of our lives. Maybe so. I really couldn't say. But the people in my story, they were trained to survive before the upheaval due to arrive in 50 years...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nothing and Everything

My life is fairly boring. I know this. I don't hang out with girlfriends on a regular basis, I see movies at the theater maybe twice a year. I dislike shopping and large crowds of people. So maybe that's why I think nothing much in my life is worth blogging about.

At the same time, I'm always feeling like that proverbial headless chicken. Three kids always talking - I do only have two ears and for some reason they insist on working in unison instead of seperately. I'm also expected to often be in three or more places at once. I haven't quite mastered cloning myself yet. Shame. I also find myself fumbling with jobs that used to be simple though pleasantly challenging. Then something nasty happened. I remembered what my home was like before I spent all my time in front of the computer with one project or another. I regularly had clean dishes, clothes, and yummy meals. I grew tired of rummaging through the heap of clothes on the floor, scanning for visual spots or dirt, shaking out wrinkles, and running out the door. I also grew tired of purchasing cheap spoons because we would run out within a day if they weren't washed that evening. I also got tired of my floors looking like carpets of dust and fuzz. I once was a meticulous housekeeper. I once cooked each and every night. I once did laundry religiously, folding and hanging everything before wrinkles set in.

My husband has mentioned many times that I should look for a "real job." Funny, editing, writing, designing seemed to take up enough of my time and it sure feels like a real job. But I suppose maybe my sitting in the corner of my living room pounding on a mouse or keyboard doesn't much look like one. I haven't been doing near as much of that lately. No, I've been cooking real meals on the stove I've had for three years though it looks brand new. I've also been filling closets with fresh smelling clothes, pulling the millions of weeds from three 56 foot long flower gardens, and running all household errands. Funny, all that feels like a real job too. It sure takes a great deal of time.