Monday, August 18, 2008

Around and Around We Go

It just hit me today that it's been a while since I posted anything here. Things have gotten a bit crazy from computer glitches to household messes and its funny how fast time can fly even when you aren't having fun.

It recently hit me that some are eagerly awaiting publication of my Among the Ancients so I'm working hard on finishing the final chapters. It's another of those story ideas that got pushed into the closet after I finished the Manipulated Evil Trilogy. I couldn't top that story or those characters from the trilogy. It took me two years to be able to move beyond that and realize I didn't need to top it. Match it - absolutely.

So, while I'm getting my girls ready for school (one a junior, another a freshman but my youngest still in the lower grades) I wonder where the time has gone. I'm reading the Earth chronicles from Zacharia Sitchin and shaking my head. Honestly, I have finished my book, Daughter of Gods - it's been finished for a few months now. Somehow, the circumstances I used to support my story seem to be in full agreement of Mr. Sitchin's hypothesis. So, since I won't be needing to change anything, Daughter of Gods is slated for publication now - as soon as I have the time to put all the finishing touches on it (I'm on chapter 12 of my read-through).

All the while, there's dozens of loads of laundry to do, school clothes to sort, corn to freeze, spaghetti sauce soon to be canned and the continuous tasks of house cleaning and my "day job" of running Star Publish.

Don't ask how I do it all - I really can't answer that, and to be honest, some weekends I best be left totally alone lest I go screaming insanely that I need silence and to do absolutely NOTHING. A person needs that once in a while I suppose :)

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