Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring is in the air!

It warmed up again today here in central Pennsylvania, the sun beaming bright and warm through all the south facing windows - which is all but two at my house. We sure didn't need any heat on and it felt good to see things greening up just a little with the first emergences of daffodils lifting above the soil. Not so good is the piles of driveway shale that got plowed into the yard with the snow or the trees and limbs that came down over the winter. It's all visible now that snow isn't covering it.

I've also finished The Freedom Wars: Disillusionment Book Four and expect it to arrive on my doorstep early next week, about March 22nd. I'm really pleased with the cover and the first full color painting I pulled from my imagination and transferred to cover. Now I get to work on the 392 year old Tarenek for the cover of Curse of the Gods. I best get busy :-)

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