Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the deep of night...

As I sit here with my Macbook in a completely dark room after midnight with my current WIP (work in progress) opened and written up to page 122, I can't help but hope everyone I'm thinking about is all right. Life is such a finicky thing especially mixed with the raging rapids of human emotions - or as my goddess character calls it, our human "condition." Age and experience has tempered me greatly over the last thirty some years, though not completely.

Some things still stir my blood into a frenzy, things like watching people in power make ridiculous decisions so obviously not with the good of the people in mind is one. People who judge others is another. But even those two things don't get a lot of my attention anymore. Life is too short to spend it fired up over things I can not change. Those I can change, I will do when the time is right and let it go. Yet, as I watch those who are younger than I am now coming into their own, I can see so very clearly the patterns in behavior, what will come and go. What can't be guessed is the choices each of my loved ones will make. All I can do is sit on the edge of my seat and hope for the best outcome for everyone.

Is that maybe why I give my characters full reign to do as they please without outline, allowing them to drive the plot often to surprise twists even I don't see coming? It's the thrill of not knowing, but hoping for the best. With my characters, I can steer them to whatever decision I want them to make - for the most part. In real life, I will voice my opinions if asked, but keep them to myself if I'm not. Free will is not something to be manipulated by a woman in a mere human condition, after all. So I'll stick to writing my stories and hoping for the best.

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