Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mother Nature seems to have dumped summer on us yet again. The warm temperatures wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't days removed from days that were downright cold. Which makes me wonder just how flexible we humans are.

But, as we plan our first weekend away of the summer, I'm glad to see temperatures should be pleasant and not too extreme either way. We can only hope rain of any big amount will also stay away. And I hope my muse will bug me while I actually have the opportunity to let it and write on my current WIP (work in progress) Descended, the sixth book of my Disillusionment series.

I have to say this book has been fun to create. I've been told that the older I get, the more lighthearted my books are becoming. I suppose that is not all bad as fun books are, well, fun.

I can handle that :)

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