Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A change in the air...

Here it is, mid February. I've been more productive lately, at least it feels as if I am. I've managed to send bookstores catalog mailings for my books, printing more for libraries as I type. It's funny how one can learn to do fifty things simultaneously. The trick is, doing them well. Being a perfectionist, I can't say for sure if I'm doing anything well because if I stop and look long enough, I can always better myself. Which often stalls productivity. So I'm learning to let more and more things go a little. Just a little :)

I've set out to improve my art skills, though in my rural area, it's a little harder to find the right supplies. My latest book is to blame for this "need" to improve. I have so many images flowing through my mind and I want to get them on paper as realistically as possible. So I'm going back to study things I wasn't the least bit interested in during school years.

I sit and look at my girls, hear their complaints about classes, teachers, homework and I can totally relate. But I also know many of the things they are being forced to learn, though boring and seemingly ridiculous now, may come in handy later. Anatomy for one. How does an artist create realism? Knowing the skeleton and how the muscles work and form beneath the exterior helps a lot. And I only know the bare basics of it all. I've got a long road of study and practice ahead. I just hope I can find the time to accomplish this one.

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