Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Reason to Interact

I've known for a long while now that I fit very strongly in the category of introvert. One big thing I have learned by studying what that means is that introverts need a reason to interact. I don't do small talk well at all. I find it awkward, painful, even. But give me a topic and purpose to bring it up, and I'll talk about it with you for hours.

I do think that is part of the reason I have trouble blogging. I come up with ideas regularly, but by the time I sit down to start writing it, I doubt anyone would find it interesting. I lose the purpose.

When I write, my purpose becomes that of sharing my character's story. When I paint or draw, the purpose is to show something from my mind and hopefully create an emotion others will enjoy in some way.

I've decided to do better with staying in touch with this blog and trust that what I share will help or entertain someone, even if I think it might not be interesting. So here it goes...

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