Monday, March 04, 2013


I do apologize for my long absence here. It has taken this long for me to find the time to crack the code to reenter my blogging area. A while back, everything changed, for some reason.  I understand security, I do. I appreciate it, but there are times where it is far easier to wait for weeks (or months) before tackling a glitch to open the doors again. Such is the case here. I'm determined to make regular blog posts, but my computer, or blogger, or some other electronic gremlin thinks it's amusing to challenge that, apparently, and test my determination.  I've finally made it back. Took longer than I had hoped, but I still accomplished it.

And then I get a notice that the email I've had since the early 2000s is switching over to a new system. Joy. (Can you hear the sarcasm? It's thick.) I use my email every day, though, so I hope I won't go in one morning to find they don't know me anymore, much like blogger did.  My mail host has already tried to tell me I was an impostor using my own account because I used the word "tracking" in a note I was sending out. I spent three hours jumping through hoops to correct that situation when they slammed down the thick iron doors and electronically blocked me out.  Now, instead of telling people I have a tracking number for their shipment, I have to type "the number for you to follow your package is..."  And I think -- Seriously? Is this for real? Why yes, yes it is. All in the name of my safety. *sigh*

Society seems to be a crazy mishmash of overly secure and overly under-secured things, these days. It's crazy how some things like email and blog hosts act like they guard the doors with cannons and the threat of execution, yet we can wave a card in front of a laser eye to pay for things directly from our life's blood, errr, I mean bank account -- a card that someone with the right small device can walk by and grab all your information from your purse or pocket. I don't have one of those cards, still far too old fashioned. But I'm sure I will eventually have to get one or I won't be able to function.

I remember when things used to be much simpler. For now, I'll just appreciate being back in my blog and move on. There is laundry to fold and a scene to work out in my head before I can type it all out in the book, hopefully at some point this week.

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