Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Why do I write thrillers and fantasies

When I was taking my writing classes, the assignments required me to write several different types of stories. When they became more free for all, I wrote what I wished to write and it was always in suspense, thriller, or horror. My instructor asked me once to write something light and airy like a romance or a children's story. So I did. Let's just say she politely told me to stay with the darker genres lol. I just couldn't get the emotional feel into it that was so strong in my other pieces. Many of my stories do have a romantic or humorous twist in them, it's just never the main focus.

I had one early reader of my books, a woman who knew me from my childhood, ask me why I wrote things so "dark." I have to admit it perplexed me because I never viewed my stories as "dark" exactly. Sure, my characters are dealing with dire situations, but the overall feel of my tales, then and now, centers around hope and perseverance no matter how dark the situations get for the characters.

I don't know why I write in the genres I do, I just know it's where my writing is strongest and where my inspiration takes off. Thrillers, horrors, and fantasies are also what I choose in movies, books, and other entertainment as well. Fantasy is not a genre I chose and it started gradually, but it is where my imagination took me. In my fantasy books, I stay grounded in reality but can stretch it and have fun with the "what if" possibilities.

I'm not a "dark" person at all. I like to laugh, have fun, and play in the sun. But when I write, I like to keep readers on the edges of their seats until the very end. And that, I'm told, is a very good thing.

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