Monday, November 03, 2008

Pennsylvania - STOP - THINK

I love my state. I've lived here all my life and have roots going deep into these mountains back into great grandparents and beyond. My heart and soul is in the trees, the terrain, the wildlife and blocks of untouched nature.

With that said, I get sick every time there's an election of any kind. Pennsylvania isn't a tiny state, but it seems to me we are deeply segregated. There are the cities and then there are the rest of us. Unfortunately, for as far back as my memory goes, the cities have dictated where Pennsylvania goes with government. It makes me very sad.

I can't really pinpoint why there's such a distinct difference, but I have my theories. Where I live, we count on ourselves, our neighbors, family and friends. The power goes out, we pull out our generators and find ways to dig ourselves out of the ice or snow or whatever it is we're dealing with. In the cities, is it possible they count on government and other officials? Is that why they vote the way they do? They always seem driven by money and what the candidate promises to do for them without thinking of the deeper consequences.

Out here in my area, money is great, but it has never come easy and it's certainly not everything. What we want is work, a way to earn a living. A way to run our small businesses without red tape and government butting in. That's very important as we have a high rate of self employed people around my home town. We're independent and we look at things with a more open attitude, not judging someone by what they feed us in some line of bull.

My opinions I usually keep to myself, but I'm going to reveal some of them here in the hopes to make someone think beyond the surface of what they are being fed by a candidate or the media.

Some people say Clinton was one of our great presidents - the man who nearly got impeached due to his sex drive. Really?! I nearly vomit every time I see that statement. What about his terms was great? It was a time I hated to let my girls watch the news. That is not the type of person I want representing what my country stands for. Come on! It's my opinion he was riding on coat tails of presidential greatness that happened several terms before him.

Some say the Iraq war is drowning us in debt. Is it? Have you looked at all the facts in where the government is really putting tax money? Don't let some newscaster who gets paid to make ratings for their news show tell you what's going on. Look it up for yourself. Do you really think we'll be safe and left alone here in our own country if we back down? How in debt will we be with attack after attack on home soil?

Don't believe everything that comes out of a candidate's mouth. Heck, in one instance locally, a candidate has even stooped so low to change what he's calling himself after he managed to alienate quite a few hard working "rednecks" here in western PA. Is anyone really falling for the switch, Jack? I sure hope not.

This country was built on blood, sweat, and pure determination for independence. Now, it seems no matter where I look, people are looking to the government to fix their miseries - no independence about it. If we could go back in time to those beginning days, what do you think they would say if they knew what would happen in the future - our current time? Are we honoring the memory of the great people who stood up and were willing to lose everything including family and life to make our country great - a place free, safe, and for the people.

We need principles. We need a code to live by and I've been watching people whittle away at the code that had served so well since the beginning times. We allow someone to change something just because of their opinion or because of things like the "In God We Trust" on our paper money offends them.

Well, America was built on "In God We Trust" and if you don't like it, then maybe this isn't the right country for you. I don't push any religion on anyone. I don't say one person is right or wrong over another or myself. We are all entitled to our opinions and who is to say who is right? But I wouldn't expect a country to change its code of conduct or what's on its money because I didn't agree with it. Again, I say, it's what the country was built on and when you start tearing that foundation down - it's just like a house - air can't hold it up.

I have my opinion about the upcoming election just twenty four hours away and I feel my heart breaking because I'm afraid the people have lost sight of the really important things, the foundation of importance, not just the surface junk. We've been operating on the surface for too long, we need to take care of some foundation maintenance or things are not going to be pretty.

I'm prepared for and even expecting the unpretty, but I'm not liking it. I just wish there was some way to truly open the people's eyes to actually see - not just assume at a glance.

Look deeper, think harder, think carefully because our future and our children's future are truly at stake if we can't get things fixed. Think about the country as a whole, not just your family or your city.

Stop. Look deep. THINK!

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