Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've done it!

Some of you know I've been working on my novel, Among the Ancients, for a few years - I believe it was started in 2005. I lost interest in it because I couldn't find the research topics I needed to strengthen the plot. I moved on. I wrote the now available Rise of the Arcadians and the upcoming Daughter of Gods. Daughter of Gods is the first of a series, but this series is different from my Manipulated Evil trilogy. It's characters are different from book to book only related to the other characters in each book. I also wrote most of Among the Ancients after finding the research I needed while writing Daughter of Gods. Then I got to the climatic scene and hit a stone wall - quite literally. I couldn't get my characters around that wall to the next step the final one.

Yesterday I took a half day of my style of rest and relaxation. It has to do with resting the mind and working the body to sore misery. I tilled up half the veggie garden of what plants were already harvested. I weeded my back flower garden, some of the front flowers, did laundry, did everything but read or think beyond what weed to pull next. While cleaning up from my outdoor escapades and getting ready for supper, an idea drifted into my head, free and simple like I'd always known it but couldn't find it. It was THE idea I needed to get past the last hurtle of the story. Last night, I finished the last little bit of Among the Ancients.

Now, to get my sore muscles moving throuh today. Then to proofread Among the Ancients, edit it, then proofread again. Then I'll send it in for publication. Phew!

If you want to know more about my novels, I invite you to to read the excerpts, reviews and all the goodies.

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