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After Global Warming!

January 28, 2008

Can you survive? This is asked of you when you turn to the back of T.C. McMullen’s new Thriller, Rise of he Arcadians.

It’s 2122, seventy-two years after the Upheaval changed the world. Continents, world-communication, and modern technology are no longer what they once were. Society struggles to reestablish behind walls along what’s left of the Eastern United States. Darvid Squire, the leader of the citadel protecting the wall, relies on a rogue woman, Desire, for information and supplies. She knows all about the wild outer lands thought too harsh to support human life, yet Desire knows the wild lands hold secrets of old, secrets of hope.

One common enemy has risen to threaten both the civilized and the wild lands – Oceaners, a race of cannibals who swarm the continents, stripping from it resources and people. Desire must turn to her past to help her allies. Secrets of her ancestors mix with the future, creating a family saga and coming of age tale inside a thriller.

It’s been over two years since McMullen’s last release, Scorching Eden, but Rise of the Arcadians and the characters it introduces are well worth the wait. McMullen resides in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. She is currently writing her next novel, Daughter of Gods, with more in a series to come soon.

For more information about this novel and McMullen’s other titles, visit the author's website at www.tcmcmullen.com.
Email contact: tcmcauthor@hotmail.com

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